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10/12: There's nothing that says fall quite like football and we have really enjoyed the 2012 season, which ended with a cancellation last weekend. However, the little one did really great this year, got a couple of touchdowns and even sacked the quarterback. It seems like he really started to get the hang of things this year. I fully realize this stretches the bounds of the definition of "guy stuff"...

Isn't he so darn cute??


9/12: Earlier this summer, we moved the motorcycles to the back yard so we could set off fireworks without accidentally hitting one. I think my husband wants to trade in the black bike for a "cruiser" so I better post a picture of it while we still have it. It was the first bike of the two and really something special until he got the new bike (hussy) and now he ignores the old one, hardly ever rides it, etc. Men.

You can see the black one up front and then the new one in the back and also my fig tree near the fence! We planted that last year and have quite a few figs this year although I am not sure how many we'll be able to harvest before the frost.


So I changed the name of this page yet again because I thought, if I just have it labeled "Guy Stuff", I could include a picture of our dog. So anyway, for the sake of adding something new here and because our dog is especially awesome, I've changed the name and feel free to enjoy the pictures below....


My friend John said my blog definitely needed more stuff in the Motorcycles & Guy Stuff area so I asked him to send me a picture of his car, shown below. And, I changed the page title in honor of him (it's now Motorcycles, Cars, & Guy Stuff). John's car is a 1928 Model 20 Buick. It is a two-door sedan with a straight six overhead valve engine of 246 cubic inches developing 40 horsepower. It still needs a cloth roof and interior trim. Several years ago I helped him bring the car home, as it was in numerous boxes at the time. Big difference!! :)  The car is at the shop to get a fuel pump so it will be "roadable". It looks awesome John!

I have added this page for my husband as enticement to read my blog occasionally, if only to see the motorcycles.


The following bike is my husband's new Harley Davidson. He just got new ape hangers on it, which he is really excited about and which I really don't get, but oh well.

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