Cool Things I'd Like to Try!

In an attempt to clear out my bottomless list of cool things I've run across over the years and would like to try (including recipes I'd like to try), I'll be pasting these items here for easier and more visible future reference. Please let me know in the comments section whether you've tried any of these items yourself! It is probably going to take a while for me to transfer all these items over here, but I'll probably add a few new ones every week.

***Many of these recipes may have non-real food ingredients. However, I think they can easily be "real foodified", which is why I've included them, and I would encourage substitutions as needed.

Main Courses

Side Dishes, Appetizers

Desserts & Snacks


Food - Miscellaneous

Body & Cosmetics


First Aid


Skin Care - Lotions, Scrubs, Etc.



Mind and Soul

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