Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sourdough Dinner Rolls

I have this lovely sourdough starter from Cultures for Health that has been living happily on my kitchen counter for the last month providing me with countless pancakes, some dense bread (darn it, still haven't found my "go to" recipe yet), and some absolutely wonderful buttery rolls.

You still have time to make them before thanksgiving and they are pretty easy with minimal fuss. They are really delicious! It is easy to keep a sourdough starter (I promise)! - please check out my Quick Start Guide for more information.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alfredo Sauce with Mushrooms, Leeks, and Peas

I think pasta is a food of the gods. How could it be more perfect? Sauce, little tiny bits of cooked dough in pretty designs and shapes, sprinkled with cheese, delicious with any food added to it or alongside any main dish. I love love love pasta!

Now, with all that being said, I (sadly) mostly gave up pasta years ago when it became known to me that white flour was the spawn of Satan, ruining my health and my figure. Sigh.... I saved it for special occasions and visits to my grandma, which are special occasions.  : )

That was until I heard about Jovial Foods! They offer a line of whole grain Einkorn and brown rice pasta (gluten-free) that actually tastes good. This stuff is great. If you are looking for a better choice pasta then you should definitely give it a try. I have tried many alternative pastas and most are pretty gross, but in all seriousness, Jovial's line is really good.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Maple Caramel Pecans

Those of you real food blogging "old timers" may remember a website called Real Food Freaks, which was an awesome resource for recipes and healthy living. The authors have since moved on and the blog/ website is no longer active (unfortunately)!

My absolute favorite recipe from Real Food Freaks was a snack that involved pecans in a maple syrup caramel sauce, but the recipe was lost forever (ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic) when the site was deactivated.

My recipe below was developed to try to capture the taste of the original recipe by Real Food Freaks. I hope you enjoy!

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