Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homemade Muffulettas

2 slices of Ezekial brand bread
1 slice cheese (swiss, provolone, etc.)
About 6 slices assorted meats (I use deli meats like genoa salami, chicken, turkey, ham, etc.)
A couple of slices of tomato
A couple of slices of onion
About 1 T light mayo or miracle whip
About 2 T Boscoli Family Italian Olive Salad

How To:
Spread a light layer of mayo on each slice of bread and add sliced tomatoes and onion to one slice of bread. Layer with cheese and meats. Finish with olive salad and top with the other slice of bread. Enjoy!

Comments: I want to caution you to use nitrate-free deli meats (try this or this) as much as possible, make your own, or simply used thinly sliced meats. That can mean different things depending on the product so I encourage you to read the ingredients and try to avoid products with synthetic nitrates. Overall, I recommend keeping processed food products of all kinds limited in your diet.

All that being said, overall I think this is a great alternative to a "traditional muffulatta" with the standard focaccia type sandwich bread. The taste is really delicious and the Ezekial bread lends itself really well to this type of sandwich due to its sturdy texture. My husband thinks they are better after they sit around for a while and the olive salad absorbs into the bread a little. I also sprinkle his homemade habanero/chili powder on his sandwiches. I hope you will give this receipe a try - it is really delicious. The above recipe makes one sandwich, which will serve one or two people. The olive salad may be available in your grocery store but if not you can also purchase it online at the link above. Prep time is about 5-10 minutes.

This recipe was featured on Melt in Your Mouth Monday.

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