Friday, January 7, 2011

Rye Toast with Nut Butter & Bananas

1 slice rye toast (make sure the rye toast does not have any added sugar)
1 small banana
nut butter (almond, hazlenut, macademia nut, etc.)

Toast the rye bread in the toaster, spread nut butter on top, and finish off with sliced bananas.

Be sure to use rye bread with no added sugar. I can find this bread only at the health food store where I currently live (a small, rural town), but I formerly lived in the Kansas City and Washington, DC areas and this bread was available at my regular grocery store. I currently buy several loafs when I go to the health food store and freeze until needed. You can certainly substitute another whole grain, no sugar bread (Ezekial brand has many options, and my regular grocery store carries them) but I prefer the denseness and flavor of the rye bread for this recipe. Also, be sure that the nut butter you use does not have any added sugars, as many do. My favorite for this breakfast is creamy almond butter, which is available at my regular grocery store.

I really love this rye bread, even toasted and plain. This is a great, super fast breakfast.

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