Sunday, November 20, 2011

White Clam Sauce

This recipe is from my grandma and I have been making it in the same way since I first started to cook. It is so delicious and so very easy, I hope you enjoy it.

4-5 ounces white Chablis wine (or your favorite substitute)
4 tbsp. butter (use organic butter from grass-fed cows)
4 large cloves of garlic, finely chopped
2 cans (5.5 ounces) clams in natural juice or approximately 10 to 12 ounces of clams in liquid
1 tbsp. finely chopped fresh Italian parsley
1/2 lemon squeezed
1/2 small to medium onion finely diced
1/4 cup olive oil
A pinch of oregano
Sea salt and pepper to taste
3 tbsp. water from your pasta pot (opt)

How To:
In a 1 quart saucepan sauté onions in oil over medium heat. After about 5 minutes, add garlic and when the garlic smell is strong cook another minute or two. Be cautious not to burn the garlic. Add clams and water from pasta pot, and bring to a boil. Then add wine and simmer about five minutes. Add parsley, butter, oregano, squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper.

Serve over your favorite linguine (sauce is enough for 1 pound pasta).

Comments: Prep time is minimal, about 10 minutes chopping. The sauce is light, so you'll want to use a linguine without a strong flavor of its own. Traditionally, we of course used regular flour pasta purchased at the store, but I would encourage you to try a more nutritious alternative or to reserve this dish for a rare special treat. This is really one of my favorite pasta recipes, ditto for my dad, my husband and our six-year old. It is so good!

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